Friday, July 20, 2012

A Fun Time In the Holidays

First of all I had a good sleep and then me and my famil went to the Waiwera Pools. We met two swimmers and their names were Sam and AJ. They told us how to swim and they told us how to swim on your back. I said I have already done that with Mr Burton. But they said you have to try again, little boy. So I tried again and again. I was happy ever after. Then we went to the playground with heaps of water. I was the first one to get the hose and I sprayed heaps of water out of the hose. After this we went and got some candy floss at the shops and then we went home and had a good sleep.


  1. I agree that a good sleep is a great way to start and end an exciting day. Sam and AJ were quite right when they said you have to practise to get good at anything. It is great you have been able to post on the class blog, Hendrix. Well done!

  2. I like the way you were learning to swim.
    from Alex