Monday, July 23, 2012

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On a warm Sunday morning me and my two brothers and my two Big! Big! bulldogs came to the school field. Whenever I ran, my two dogs were chasing me around the school. The school I was at was Saint Pius X School. I and my brothers had fun. I was happy because I don't like school. My two bulldogs had too much fun chasing. I got so puffed out that I had to stop running. After that they caught me and licked my face. My other dog came and bit me. We got hungry so walked and walked then finally we saw a shop. I had a nice pie. They had chips. My bulldog had bacon. YUM! I said to my self. We were thirsty so we bought a drink. Ooooooe, fresh drink! We felt tired because I keep running around the school with my dog and my brothers were tired because they had been running around the field. By Motu

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  1. I love your story because you put powerful words to describe how you thirsty it really hook the character in.