Monday, April 1, 2019

Our Weekend News

Ruma Wha did lots of interesting things at the weekend
                               ...take a look!

Solomon had a race with his Mum and Dad.

Everley went on her Mum's phone, without her Mum knowing.

Jayden got a new house.

Andrew watched TV with his cousin.

Meela went for a walk with her Auntie and cousins in the city..

Christopher went to church with his Dad and brother.

Isitolo went to his cousins birthdy with his Mum and Dad

Crystallani cleaned her room.

Naomi went for a drive in her new car with Mum, Dad and her 2 brothers.

Preston celebrated his Poppa's birthday. He is 71st years old. All my cousins were there and heaps of people. We also had heaps of food. It was fun because we played and played.


  1. You all had great fun during the weekend. I am so pleased you have been able to write about it.

  2. Thank you Mr C. We are trying to record our learning online.