Friday, June 15, 2012

The Big Porridge

On a foggy Monday Room 4 was making porridge. First we poured 8 cups of water. After that we put oatmeal in the pot and 12 children had turns sprinkling the oatmeal in the pot. When everyone had turns we stirred the oatmeal with wooden spoon. Next we waited for the bubbles to come. The Mrs Pole got the ladle and put the hot porridge into the bowls. After this Ms Mat put the brown sugar on our bowl and Ms Mat said "who wants milk?" After we ate the porridge. Last of all Stanley had 3 bowls of porridge. The porridge was delicious and yummy.


  1. wow kalisi im, so happy That your writing is On the school blog.

  2. Did you feel cold on the way to school?