Monday, June 11, 2012

The Big Pot of Porridge

On a cold Monday morning Room 4 made porridge because the olden day kids ate porridge. First of all Room 4 surrounded the element and the pot. They were sitting on cushions. Mrs Pole asked Pio to fill up the jug with water and he tipped it in the pot. Next Mrs Pole asked some kids to come and sprinkle some oatmeal into the pot while it was cooking. After that Mrs Pole asked some kids to come and stir the porridge. Marcus was first to stir. Following this we were sitting up and waiting for our turn to stir. Now it was my turn. I stirred and stirred. I was excited because I was ready to eat it all up. Room 4 had fun eating porridge. Most kids had more than 2 bowls like me. I ate and ate and ate. I went to Ms Matt for brown sugar and some milk, yum! Last of all Stanley was the last customer for the porridge.


  1. It sounds like you had a great day making and eating porridge, just like the olden day kids. Great use of words like 'sprinkle' and 'customer'. Keep up the great writing Fonuamotu.

  2. Hi Mrs pole.

    How did that porridge taste when your class finish making it and i heard you and your class had a good day.I don't like eating porridge it taste weird for me.