Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big Pot of Porridge

First of all on a cold Monday morning, Room 4 had porridge in the morning because that's what they ate in the olden days. Mrs Pole brought an element and milk and oatmeal. Mrs Pole said to Eusepio "can you get 3 cups of water?" Next we had a turn to stir. Marcus was the first one to stir. He had a very long time. While he was stirring we sat on a cushion. When it was nearly ready Mrs Pole said come and see it bubbling. Marcus stirred with a wooden spoon. Pio gave the 3 cups of water to Mrs Pole so she could tip it into the pot. I felt excited. The porridge made my tummy hot. I put brown sugar in my porridge, that made my porridge yummy. Last of all, we gave our plate to Mrs Mat so she could wash it.