Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Class Mass

Our Class Mass On a hot morning Room 3 and 4 were excited because we were going to have a friendship mass. When the bell rang Mrs Pole said "Come on we are going to mass." When we came out we lined up with our soul friend and then we walked to the church. When we went inside we couldn't sit together. When it was time for the people to read I liked listening to them. When Father asked if we have facebook i started laughing. When it was time for the offering i liked listening to the soft music. After communion some of Room 3 and 4 held up a Jesus sign. I was nervous. My favourite part of the mass was when we sang and doing the actions. By Stanley

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  1. Well done, Stanley, for publishing your writing on the class blog. Remember to put a capital 'I' when you use it in a sentence as a word. Keep up the good work.