Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Class Mass

Our Class Mass On a foggy, cold and exciting day Room 3 and 4 has a soul friend mass. It was exciting because there were heaps of parents coming to support their daughters. When the mass had started I was feeling confident because heaps of people were at the mass. When we were singing I felt like I was singing by myself. When my soul friend went up and talked I was proud of her because she's my soul friend. My favourite thing in mass was when we were singing and doing the actions because when I sing I always think about the poor people and God and Jesus. The last part of mass is bowing down and looking at Jesus. My other favourite part was when i listened to the readers. They sounded wonderful. I felt like I want to have another soul friend mass again because it is special to me and my family. The last bit I want to say is I love talking about mass because I always pray at home with my whole family. I've got heaps of lovely family. By Henrietta

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  1. keep up the good work Henrietta I like when you use fullstops and cap-till.