Friday, November 6, 2015

Kiwi Sport

We went to learn to go to kiwi sport. At kiwi sport we played the octopus game. Silia was the shark. We were skipping. If Silia touched us then we had to become seaweed. Then we played the catch. Kate showed us how to play catch. We had to touch the ball on the grass. Then we had to run around the cones. After you had run around the cones you had to give the ball to the next person. When we finished we had to sit down. Then we played with the pig. The pig is Kate's friend. It was a fake pig. The pig was pink. The first game with the pig we had to pass it over to the next person and then catch it again.

My favorite part was the first game because it was very fun. I liked running around and being the seaweed. Sometimes when I touched someone they didn't become seaweed because they didn't listen to the rules.

By Nikos

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