Friday, November 6, 2015


At touch we played Octopus and Katie showed us how to throw the pig. The pig is a toy pig. The pig was pink and it made an 'Oink' sound when we squeezed it. We planted the seed and we stopped the train and then we went back to class. We were pretending that the ball was the seed and the train was us putting our hand up and saying 'stop the train.'

Silia and Thomas had to try and touch us then when we were touched we had to pretend to be seaweed.

My favorite part was when I squeezed the pink and it went 'Oink!' I also enjoyed planting the ball and pretending that the ball was the seed. I really enjoyed it and I had so much fun! I really like it because we got to spend afternoon outside in the sun.

Then we went back to class and did some handwriting and then we went home.

By Francis

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