Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What is Fish?

SPX_Kuilei_Fish from Ana on Vimeo.


  1. Hello, I like how you act like it is a normel day at school. And I like that you are telling us about fish

    do you have fish I do?

  2. Hi Room 4,
    I really like your movie today I didn't know that the sting-ray was related to the shark. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Room 4, I enjoyed watching your movie about Sea creatures. I love it how you explain facts about sea creatures that you haven’t learnt. Keep it up :)

  4. HI Room 4,
    I loved watching your video because I heard so many Interesting facts about Turtles, fish and clown fish, It was amazing and great watching your movie.

  5. Hi Room 4,
    We really liked the music in your movie. It matched the video because the song was called "Under the Sea" and your movie was about Sea Creatures that live "under the sea"!
    Room 5

  6. Thank you Room 4 - you taught me heaps about underwater creature ... thank you !

  7. Malie Silia si'i! You need to improve your presentation skills. I miss and love you. Well done Room 4. It's me Lau from Tonga. I am so proud of your achievements. Keep it up Room 4. Come to Vava'u and learn more about fish.

  8. Hi room 4 I like your video about fish. I learnt heaps about them! All those facts about turtles, muscles and fish are really interesting.

  9. Hi room 4 I like your film. I also learnt heaps about the fish. All those facts looks amazing.

  10. Hey Room 4, those are some really informing facts you have there! How did you get hold of all those facts? Great editing skills, and awesome loud voices. Room 4 you have outdone yourselves. Amazing Job!

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