Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Digging Up Potatoes

Monday after play Room 4 went to the back of Room 3. We dug up potatoes to eat. Huni, Miss Mat, Mrs Pole, Room 4 students. They were delicious. We put our hats on and went to the garden. Huni took down the netting. Huni pulled the top off the plants. Mrs Pole climbed into the garden and dug into the soil. We took turns at finding some potatoes in the soil. We washed the potatoes and cooked the potatoes on the element. My favourite part was eating the potatoes with butter and salt.

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  1. Hi Malia
    I am so pleased you were finally able to eat your potatoes after waiting so long for them to grow. I also thought they were delicious so thank you for giving me some to try. It is great to be able to post your writing on the class blog. Well done, Malia!