My Soulfriend

My Soulfriend's name is Sonya. Sonya is 9 years old. Her favourite subject is Reading because she can learn. Sonya's favourite colour is red because it is pretty. Her favourite thing about school is learning so she can go to college. I like Sonya because she is kind and nice. I am happy to have a Soulfriend because she looks after me.


  1. Having a Soul Friend is very special. Remember the friendship goes both ways and I am sure Sonya also is very happy you are her Soul Friend. It is great you have been able to publish your work. Well done!

  2. wow you have a cool as soulfriend.

  3. You have a lucky soulfriend. You look pretty and wonderful

    Ella and Teanoano

  4. Hi Kalisi it's me sonya. I really like your story about your soul friend which is me. Thank you for writing nice words about me in your story. Keep up the great work Kalisi. From your soul friend Sonya!


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