Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spx Athletics

On Friday  all students had athletics . We went to the field to have competition races . We started with 5 year olds .They were  running as fast as they could. After running we had Bean bag Throw. I threw far .  After Bean Bag Throw we watched High \Jump . Keas won round 2 .Then we had lunch. Some kids had lunch with their mum and dad. We had the relays then we had the finals. Our leaders were in the finals. All families came to the hall to see who had won. IT was Geckos. They were happy and we all cheered for them. My favourite part was bean bag throw after athletics I felt good

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  1. Hi Stanley. Well done for getting your writing onto the class blog. I like the way you told us how you felt as well as what you did.