First thing on Monday morning the junior school lined up in their teams. Mrs Pole took us to the playground first and we went to the running and Mr Gaffney told me to take off my shoes and I we fast. I came first. My favourite activity was running because I came first. My second best is the playground and my last event was the skipping. When the fitness was finished I felt tired.

By Samuel


  1. I am very glad you have been able to post your writing on the class blog, Samuel. Make sure you read it through carefully before posting to make sure there are no mistakes.

  2. Samuel you have amazing work Ilove your thing that you have done you are cool.


    WOW you have done amazing work love your thing that you have done you are cool. What I like about your story is when your lesson was done you felt very tired when you got back to class. Maybe next time you could put more information what you have done in fitness.

    Love your big brother: Joshua Uiha:)


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