Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Water slide

Last Wednesday morning room 4 went out to our last day of the Triathlon. We all lined up in a line and then we went to the water slide and all of us slid on our tummies. Next some people went to the courts and some people went to ride the big green bikes. After that we went back to the slide again and when we had finished on the slide we went to the running line but I had a bleeding nose. We went to class and got changed and ate our lunch. We went out to play on the playground. Some people ran on the slide. My favourite part was when people were screaming.

By Samuel


  1. Nice writing, Samuel. I hope your nose bleed was not too bad. Good on you, for posting on the class blog.

  2. Nice writing Brother. I hope did not bleed that much and not so bad What I like about your story is when you had a bleeding nose and then you went and told your teacher . Maybe next time you could put more information about you going to Triathlon.

    Love your big brother: Joshua uiha