Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Wednesday there was a big waterslide on the field. I felt a bit nervous at the triathlon. We changed into our togs. It was our last event of the triathlon. The water felt cold. The hose sounded like a shower. I heard people screaming and shouting. I didn't go on the slide because of the cut on my knee. I felt wet from the hose. The hose made me very cold. I liked watching my friends sliding up and down. My favourite part is when we were going to the water slide. The instructors told us what to do. Some water went into my ears and mouth. The water was really yuck. My friends told me to go on the slide. When my friends ran to the slide they slipped because the slide was really slippery and it hurt them.

By Charlie

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  1. I saw everybody having great fun on the water slide, Charlie. It sounds like you got pretty wet even though you had a cut foot. I love your use of simile - 'the hose sounded like a shower'. Well done.