Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Waterslide

On Wednesday morning Room 4 were going to the Triathlon to have our last event. First of all we all got changed into wet clothes. We saw a big plastic sheet on the grass. Then we lined up at the back of the cones. Next the instructors said to us to slide on our tummies so we wouldn't bump into others. We got squirted with the hose. Lots of people were pushing and yelling. I felt cold. When I was sliding water went into my mouth. Everyone was screaming and squealing. Room 4 had lots of fun. When the hose was on it sounded like I was having a shower outside. After this I felt very cold. When we had finished the instructors said that we had to get off the slide. I wish I could do it at my house.

By Falakiko

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