Friday, May 24, 2013

A Special Adventure

Yesterday Room 4 got changed into our sports clothes. Then we went to the courts. We lined up. The instructor said we are going to play a game like tag. After we played football. I was in the yellow team. We had to try and get the ball in the goal. Sia kept kicking the ball on the right. After we played football. We also played traffic lights. The instructor said that if we don't play properly then we have to go back to class. I had to go with Mrs Pole to read some books. Next I missed out on the games. The blue team won the game. I was excited and it was fun. I went with Mrs Pole. It was at the peace room. Maea had to read to Mrs Pole. Samasoni had to read to himself. After Maea I had to read to Mrs Pole. It took a long time and I had to read the books. After I read the books I went back to class.

By Fiapo

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  1. Nice writing, Fiapo. It sounds like you had a good time.