My Holiday

My Holiday

In the holiday we went down to Hamilton. It was getting dark and my grandma put me to sleep. The next morning I went to the bus stop and waited for one bus to come. We went on the bus and we said we were going to the city. Then when we got there we were tired and we went to Valentines to eat. There was pork roast and fish. There was everything. There was also dessert. I had ice-cream. It was yummy. Then we ate a lot of food. Joanna and I, my nana and grandpa went to Farmers to buy clothes. Then we went home.

By Vanessa


  1. Dear Vanessa

    I really like how you write the story using full stop next time I think you would like to write a bit more of your holiday down at Hamilton.

  2. Hi Vanessa
    I like your story about your holiday it is a really good story so next time you might want to write a bit more


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