Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Friends come together

Yesterday Saint Joseph's children came to our school. First of all we had to line up in our lines. Then everyone went into the Church. I was ready to make a friend. There was two priests, Father Terry and Father Ioane. My favourite part was when we sang the song. "It was beautiful" I whispered. I saw Father Terry. He sang the song with all of the children. That was the first time I heard a different priest sing at our school. I heard someone say "That was brilliant!" Then Mr Coakley said "Everyone has 5 minutes to play with their buddies." I remembered I made a friend. Her name was Kate. She didn't have any lunch. So I had to share my lunch with her. Then we played tiggy. It was fun because she was with me but when she left it was sad. She gave me a special gift to remember her when she's gone.

By Keira


  1. GREAT job Keira it sonded fun.I really loved that you try your Best Good job.

  2. Hi Keira. I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful day with the children from St Joseph's. I used to teach at your school in 2005 and Fr Terry was my Parish priest in Howick till he left and went to be the priest at St Joseph's. I am sure the singing was great as I remember how beautifully the children sang when I taught there. Please say "Hello" to your teacher from me. Keep writing and having fun learning.
    Regards Helen Henkin

  3. Hi Keira sorry about the sonded it was supposed to be sounded but fantastic work i'm so proud of you keep it up.I loved it when you used interesting word's.I bet you and Kate was a really brilliant and sweet girl.I bet you and Kate had a blast together.