Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adventure On The Motor Cycle

In the holidays me and Dad, Nigel, went on the motor cycle. I felt like I was flying in the air. It was cold because I didn't have my jumper with me.  We   went   past every house. The houses  were  big and  beautiful . The  first time  I  went on  the  motor cycle  I  was  going  on  my  bike.  My  dad   said  to  me, " Keira, do  you   want  to  go  on  the  motor cycle  with  me?"  I  said, "Yes!'  I put  the  helmet    on  and  off  we  went. It  was  fun.  I  saw  the  lines  on  the  road.   The   colours  were yellow and bright.  we  went   down   the  hill   and    it  was  really,  really  scary    and  that   was  my   favourite  part.   I  like  being  scary .


  1. You really had fun, Keira. Nice writing. I liked the way you used lots of interesting words.

  2. I like your writing have a lot of fun when you went on that motorbike you I like how you make it interesting.