Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Special Friend

On Tuesday, 23rd May, St Joseph came to Saint Pius X Catholic School. We all went to our church to have Mass. There were two Fathers in our church. Saint Joseph's priest was Father Terry. Our Father was Father Ioane. When mass was over Room 3 from Saint Joseph's came into our class. We said our prayers. Room 3 gave us badges with feathers in them, it was lovely. My friend's name was Katelyn. We played together. I showed my friend where the field was, and the small park too. Katelyn said we should play at the small park. Then we went to our concert. We sang songs together. We had the best time but they had to leave. I was sad. Katelyn hugged me. I was happy. I loved singing best of all.

By Aaliyah

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  1. Well done, Aaliyah. I like the way you used different length sentences to add interest to your writing.