Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Football fun

Yesterday in the afternoon Room 4 got changed for football. Next we took off our shoes then we went to the courts and we lined up on the yellow line. After that Courtney passed balls around to the last person at the end. It was me. Next I put the ball up in the air by holding it up. We played traffic lights and I felt very happy and nervous. After that we all played some more games. We all were very tired and scared. I was very sweaty. I was excited in the first part.Courtney put us into teams. My teams colour was yellow. My number was 10. We all got changed to other spots but some of them stayed in their goals. I felt very  tired! It was fun. Next we all went to class. Next Room 1 came to the courts. I had heaps of fun.

By Sia

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