Friday, June 28, 2013


Dear Room 3,
I want to tell you about our big giant pool. Our big swimming pool is in a big tent
called a marque. When we go to the swimming pool  we get changed into our
togs and get our towels. When we go to the swimming pool we put our towels
in a colorful tent with two tables because if we put some on the ground and some
on the table they will be wet. After that our teacher, Mrs Pole, took some pictures
of Room 4 in the swimming pool doing lots of tricks like doing a handstand or
a back flip. It was awesome and cool. Each day our instructors are Kevin and
Gillian. When we finish we get our towels and get changed in Room 4.
The girls get changed in the class room where the cushions are and have a curtain
and the boys get changed in the passageway.I will be missing very much.
Next time When you come to this school you might have swimming lessons too.
Love From

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  1. Nice writing, Falakiko. You have told me exactly how swimming happens for your class.