Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swimming at Saint Pius X

At St Pius X School there is a swimming pool in the courts. Some people don't swim and some people do. Everyday Room 4 goes for a swim. Kevin and Gillian are our instructors. When it was our first time going to swimming I was very scared because I felt that the water was deep. Then when I jumped in the water, it wasn't so deep. The swimming pool is in the marque. The marque
 is made out of strong plastic and can be portable. We get 5 minutes of free time and we learn new skills. It was fun and we had a swimming competition. I swam the furthest without a board. It was hard. I kicked my legs as fast as I could. Samuel came second. Samuel just swam half of the swimming pool. 

 I can do a front flip and a back flip. I can float like a starfish and I can do a hardstand in the water. I can open my eyes in the water. If you do it for too long your eyes might go red and they will hurt. I did it last time. Sometimes we swim with boards. I hit my head on the big pool stairs. I like the pool because it is very cool and amazing. It is cold but very warm sometimes. 

By Viane

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  1. This is fantastic writing, Viane. I love the way you have used some new words like marque, instructors, handstand and amazing. Well done.