Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Junior School Mass

Today the juniors had a Mass about Thanksgiving. Father told the junior school a story. Sia did the introduction by her self and said it clearly. The story Father told the juniors was the Ten Lepers. It was the Gospel. The reading came from the Book of St Luke. I put my hand up and answered Father. He pointed at me when I put my hand up. Aaliyah and Vanessa went up and bowed down to Jesus. Aaliyah had something nice to say to Mrs Moodley and while Mrs Moodley was waiting George and Akesa brought up some flowers for her. When the mass finished the juniors went under a tree to have a treat. The treat was ice blocks. The ice block tased like a lollipop. It was so yummy. Before the juniors ate the ice blocks we had to wait for Room 5 for  a long, long time.

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