Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good Cross Counrty

Good Cross Country

On a hot Friday afternoon i was walking with my line to the red gate and waited for someone to say go. Miss G said "Get ready, get set, go!" When I ran past June she said, "I'm exhausted." When I ran past my mum I heard, "Come on, come on, my man!" to June. Then I stopped and went to my mum to get her pump because I couldn't breathe and I cried. I stayed with my mum for a little rest from running a long way. When I stayed with my mum, Jane said, "Josie I can't" and I cried. I went back to my line and watched the seniors have their cross country. Their cross country was around the streets and in the courts. My highlight is how I am happy that the cross country is over.



  1. I think it is great you have been able to publish your story on the class blog, Jane. Well done for using the speech marks.

  2. I like the way you described your words Jane and you have got great writing. Also i like the way you wrote "I'm exhausted."

    from Mikaela.