Friday, September 28, 2012


On Monday I went with Mrs Phillips and Izac from Pt. England School to the Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna to see the HAIRY MACLARY SHOW. It was a good show and I liked it when Slinky Malinki was stealing   things in the night. It was very funny when Scarface Claw got stuck up in a tree and all the people shouted and pointed at the tree.

After the show we ate our lunch and then went to Takapuna Library and read some Hairy MacMaclary Books. When we left there we went to Takapuna Beach and saw a volcano called Rangitoto. On the way back to school we had a Happy Meal at McDonald's and played on  a playground  in a park.

I enjoyed the day and liked meeting my new friend Izac because he wears hearing aids like me.


  1. Hi Alex
    I am so pleased you enjoyed the Hairy MacClary show. I am even more pleased you have been able to write about your trip and then post on the class blog. Well done.

  2. Wow i read you story it was so nice and good.I think you have enjoyed that i really love your story so keep it up.

  3. Hi Alex I Read your story it was so cool.
    from Viane

  4. hi Alex i like your story well done.
    from Anthony

  5. Alex i like the part when you said i went to McDonald's and ate a happy meal then went to the playground.
    From Charlie.