Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Water Slide

Last Wednesday afternoon Room 4 went to the field. First of all we got changed into our togs. Then we went to the field. Then we went on the water slide. It was fun. The instructor put some detergent on the water slide. It was slippery. I could hear people screaming and laughing . I got wet from the hose. The slide was big and blue. I ran and slid all the way to the end. I got bubbles in my mouth it was yucky! My favourite thing was the water slide.
By Katelyn


  1. Great writing, Katelyn. It sure looks like you were having fun on the slide.

  2. Wow Katelyn that was amazing piece of writing you have done about water slide on Triathlon. Next time you can do better than this. Keep it up Katelyn.

  3. you have a nice story keep it up