Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Water Slide

Last Wednesday morning was the last day of the triathlon. The last part was when we went on the water slide. It was so fun. I heard squealing and first of all it was so exciting. I just had to listen to the instructors. Then I slid down and then we got changed into our togs. The plastic was blue and they put some soap on the plastic. I loved it so much! Last of all it was slippery. It was a great day to go onto the field because it was sunny. I felt happy and slippery so then we went to get our towels and we went back to our class and into our uniform. I felt wet and happy. Next of all we got our lunch. After that we got to go on the water slide for free and then we went back to Room 4. I felt cold. I like it when I got to go on the water slide.

By Mei

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  1. Great writing, Mei. You really had fun. Have another read of your story and think about the order you did things. It sounds like you went onto the water slide again after you changed back into your uniform. Did You?