Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Water Slide

Last Wednesday morning Room 4 and Mrs Pole went on the field by the big tree. First of all we changed into our togs. We ran to the field. The instructors said "line up." I saw a big plastic sheet. It felt cold and it was slippery. I heard people screaming and shouting and having fun. There were bubbles on the big plastic sheet. We had some cones. I saw detergent and cold water was sprayed on my clothes. Last of all we dressed up in our uniforms. That was our last event of the triathlon. It sounded like a shower. I did flopping and people having fun. Next we did running in the grass. While the instructors said "you have to slide like a superman on your tummy." Next we saw some bottles with soap in it. The instructor squeezed the bottle over the big plastic sheet. We had to line behind the cone. It is like a pool. I heard laughing. My friends were sliding on the big plastic sheet. My favourite part was when it was so cold!
By Olidah

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