Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Water Slide

Last Wednesday morning we went to the field by the big tree. First of all we got changed over into our wet clothes. Then we went to the field and saw a big plastic sheet. After that we had the triathlon. I felt amazed and my favourite part of the triathlon was the sliding because it was the best part of the triathlon. I liked sliding on the big plastic sheets. He put some soap on the big plastic sheet and it was a pool. Next I heard room 4 having fun and it was soft and cold and I got wet. So we hoped we would do more because its fun and cool and so lovely. Last of all we had one more try at the water slide and the man got the soap and put it on the big plastic sheet and I pushed people over so I could be the first on to slide. The man came to me and he told me "Don't push people." I was so cold! It felt like a pool and I loved it because it was my favourite part.

By Sita

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  1. This is Wonderful Sita
    The picture looks really fun.
    I hoped you had a great time!!