Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cow Grazing on the Grass

I have tried to show texture by mixing the golden paint with the gold paint. What I liked best was how I painted the cow. The most interesting part of my painting is the udder because we had to paint it pink. What I found tricky was painting the cow because it was cool. Next time I paint I would like to paint a car.
By Precious


  1. Wow Precious good art work.Cool work but my best part is the backgrond and the udder

  2. This is a really good piece of work.. Well done Precious.. I wonder what other piece of work you are going to right or paint next? How long did it take you to right this wonderful, amazing piece of work????? Precious my favourite part of the picture is the stomach because I like the colours and the gold and brown part. But the whole cow is beautiful keep up the great work:)

    From Teanoano............

  3. Hi precious.I like your work that you have done.I like the colours that you have used.You have beautiful work.Keep it up.