Friday, April 4, 2014

Daisy Is Eating

I have tried to show texture by dabbing the the cow and dabbing the legs with a paintbrush. What I liked best was painting the cow and the udder pink. The most interesting part of my painting is Daisy eating grass. What I found tricky was painting the udder pink and drawing the udder after with the black ink. Next time I would like to paint a girl because it's fun.


  1. Hi Helena
    I love your cow what you painted. My favorite part of you painting is the background and you tried very hard to paint a cow.
    When are you going to do another painting?
    What did you use, paint or dye?
    How many minutes did you do your painting?
    Also I love painting too
    From Petra-Rose

  2. Hi Helena, I love what you've done with the painting but especially the background. Your cow looks awesome and super hyper! Well Done and Keep It Up!

  3. Hi Helena, You are so intested in cows keep it up