Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Long Run

On a cloudy Tuesday the whole school had cross country. First of all we had to line up in our age groups. The five year old girls had to go first. When they were ready to run Mrs Pole said, "Get on your mark, get set, go!" The five year old girls ran as fast as they could. My little sister was racing too. She came second. My family was very proud of her. When it got to my turn I was very nervous. Mrs Pole said "Go!" And I ran very fast. Alan was coming first and and I was second. Then Alan slipped so I came first. I ran very fast when I saw William. Alan caught me up. After that Alan went past me and I came second. When Alan was at the finish line Marcus went past me after I ran to the finish line. The tricky part was running up the hill. When I ran up the hill I was tired, the same with Alan. I think cross country is good because it makes me fit.

By Viane

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  1. I enjoy running cross country as well, Viane. I like the way you used speech marks around what was said.