Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A New Skill

Last Tuesday afternoon Room 4 and Mrs Pole went to the school hall to learn a new kiwi sport because we needed to learn more things about kiwi sport. When we got into the hall Mrs Pole introduced our instructor, Robbie. First of all Robbie told us to take off our shoes and socks but Olidah and I didn't because we had stockings on. To start with Robbie said, "We will start with a warm up game." It was called Stuck in the Mud. I forgot how to play it! Robbie said, "This is how we play Stuck in the Mud. There are two people that have to tag other people. If they get tagged her or him has to put their hand up, then another person has to double clap the person who has their hands up." I felt happy to play with the class. Robbie said to move away from each other. When Robbie said "Go" we all ran around the hall screaming. I saw Olidah trying to get me. I started to slow down. Olidah tagged me. I put my hand up, I saw Malakai coming to double clap me so I could run away. I saw other people getting tagged. Next Robbie said "Stop." He said to come and sit down. I wondered what was going on. Robbie was going to show us how to do a fore hand grip and a back hand grip. Robbie said " Let's start with a fore hand grip,  a fore hand grip is like your shaking hands with someone." Robbie checked if we were doing it right. After this he gave us one racquet and one shuttlecock. He explained what a shuttlecock was made of. It was made out of fifteen goose feathers and at the bottom was a cork. I was so amazed with how people made shuttlecocks. Last of all Robbie said, " We will play a game called the Hamburger game. You have to make a hamburger with the racquet and shuttlecock and walk with it." Robbie put us in teams. I was with Keira and Olidah. When Robbie said stop we all went to sit down and go back to class. I felt happy and I can't wait until we go to badminton again.

By Aaliyah

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  1. What an amazing recount of your badminton lesson, Aaliyah. You have really made me feel just how much you enjoyed it. I especially like the way you have used the speech marks to show exactly what Robbie said. Well done.