Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our first Badminton Lesson

Last Tuesday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall. First of all we took our shoes off. Next we warmed up. Then we played Stuck in the Mud. The instructor, Robbie, told us what to do. After this we went to get a shuttlecock and a racquet from Robbie. He told us to bounce the shuttlecock. The instructor told us we had to be careful bouncing the shuttlecock. It was fun playing the game. It was a kiwi sport. I nearly hit the shuttlecock 6 times. The feathers were made out of goose feathers and there were fifteen feathers. When I hit the shuttlecock it flew.

While we were playing Robbie told us we are going to make a hamburger. It was like we were outside in the air. I said I love badminton games. On the bottom of the shuttlecock was a cork. I went backwards and forwards. Last of all we got our shoes and went back to class. I enjoyed going to badminton. I look forward to it again.

By Fiapo

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  1. I like the way you have used two paragraphs, Fiapo. Well done.