Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kiwi Sport

Last Tuesday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to learn how to play badminton. First of all we took our shoes off. Then we played Stuck in the Mud to warm up. Next we learned how to hold the racquet. After this we had to balance the shuttlecock on the racquet, it was easy! Next we had to bounce it on the racquet, it was hard. Last of all we played the hamburger game. After Robbie showed us a real shuttlecock. It had goose feathers on it.

By Katelyn


  1. well done Katelyn.It look's like you are enjoying Badminton
    By Maris Stella

  2. Nice writing, Katelyn. You have managed to make sure you have told us the correct order things happened during the lesson, which is important.