Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maris-Stella - First Badminton Lesson

Last Tuesday Room 4 had our first Badminton lesson. We had to go to the hall and take off our shoes because the instructor, Robbie, said. He showed us a racquet and a shuttlecock and told us all about it. He  showed us the real shuttlecock. It had goose feathers. It had 15 goose feathers. The bottom was made out of cork. Robbie said, "Hold your racquet like a frying pan then you line up behind Samasoni." Robbie gave us a shuttlecock and told us to line up against the wall. We played Stuck in the Mud. We played Tiggy and the taggers were Aaliya and Macky. The next taggers were Fiapo and Samasoni. They tagged me and then Kiera came and double hi-5 my hand. After this Room 4 had the shuttlecocks.  Robbie showed us how to bounce the shuttlecock on the racquet. It went flying up all the way up to the ceiling. I could do it as well as Robbie. I hit the shuttlecock up in the air. I bounced the shuttlecock higher and higher. Last of all Room 4 played the Hamburger game. We went forwards and backwards. The shuttlecock kept falling off and we kept on practising. My team kept on trying and trying. Room 4 almost got it but there was no time to practice. Robbie said ,"We will have Badminton every Tuesday". I liked the way it was cool and wonderful.


  1. Well done Maris-Stella. Badminton is so much fun, me and Room 3 are loving it. I look forward to seeing your progress with Badminton over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Maris-Stella I loved reading your writing about Badminton and in your picture you look like your enjoying badminton. Keep up the good work.