Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Long Run

On Tuesday the whole school had Cross Country. Room Four and Room Five had to run twice because Mrs Pole said so. I came fifth because my heart was beating so fast that I stopped and walked. When Courtney was catching up to me I ran as fast as I could and passed Lenleigh. I went past her because she was tired. They started running when I went past them. I stopped for a walk when they caught up I ran faster and sat on the blue mat. Courtney finished the course on her own. I was so exhausted when I fot to the fence and when I walked up the hill. William said to me good story. He was talking about my story in the news letter. it was a long, long race, After this we had to follow Monique around the field. My auntie Afu was there. I liked the part when William said "Who is my favourite story writer."

By Maris-Stella

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