Friday, August 16, 2013


On Tuesday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to learn new skills. Our instructor was Robbie. The first thing we had to do was take our shoes off. After htat we had to warm up and we played Stuck in the Mud. The catchers were Maea and Olidah and the next catchers where Kiko and Fiapo. We had to sit in a line. We had to take one racquet and a shuttlecock and stand in a line. After that we had to put the shuttlecock on the racquet. Some people dropped the shuttlecock. After that we had to bounce the shuttlecock. I bounced it high, even Mrs Pole saw me and we had to make a hamburger. I felt happy. My team was Katelyn and Kiko. We all had to get into 3 teams. Some people in Room 4 were running with the racquet and Robbie told us to come and sit down. After that we had to put our shoes on.

By Macky

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