Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Cool Badminton Lesson

On Tuesday afternoon Room 4 went to the school hall for our first badminton lesson to learn new skills. First of all we started off with a warm up. The first thing in warm up was a game that you might know - Stuck in the Mud. Then Robbie, our instructor, told us to come and sit down. Next he showed us something like a tennis racquet but he said it was a badminton racquet. A little while later Robbie told us a little thing about shuttlecocks. A shuttlecock is a thing that you play with, a bit like tennis. Its round part is a cork. Cork comes from trees. Robbie said to have a try and bounce it. "But not very hard," said Robbie. Room 4 bounced and hit everything with the shuttlecock. It was very hard. The last game was the H
amburger game. It was a bit hard. After we'd finished we had to line up to go back to class to get back to our learning. I wish that we could do it in the holidays and everyday.

By Falakiko


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your badminton lesson and pleased you have written so much about it. I especially liked the way you said Room 4 hit 'everything' with the shuttlecock. I ope you get the chance to play some more.