Friday, August 16, 2013

Our First Badminton Lesson

On Tuesday afternoon Room 4 went to the school hall for our first lesson of badminton. First of all we had to take off our shoes then Room 4 had to have a warm up. Our instructor Robbie said, "It is a game called Stuck in the Mud." You had to choose someone to be the tagger. Olidah and Maea were the taggers. I was running as fast as I could. Maris-Stella got tagged then I double hi fived her.

We had to stop because the game was finished. After that we had to go to Robbie to get a badminton racquet and a shuttlecock. I was excited. To begin with Robbie told us how to balance the shuttlecock on teh racquet. We played another game called the Hamburger game. You have to put the shuttlecock on your badminton racquet. After that another person comes and puts his racquet on top of it. After that he had to tell us to restart. I felt nervous because it looked hard. Well it was a little tricky.

By Viane

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  1. Hi Viane your report about your first Badminton lesson was very interesting. It sounded like you were looking forward to playing Badminton and looking forward to learning some new skills about Badminton and also playing are very different sport.
    Regards, Patrick :)