Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Exciting Event at Mt Smart - Mikaela

An Exciting Event at Mt Smart

On Tuesday morning Room 4 and 5 went to Mt Smart Stadium. First we travelled by bus. When we got there was saw other buses. After that we walked down the stairs, then we sat on the stand. Then my team went running. I was the last. I wish I had won because I kept losing. After that my group went to the shot put. The coach helped us know what to do. My favourite part was the shot put because I got it half way there but I liked the running best. Then it was time to change. When we finished the shot put we did the long jump. I was excited before when we did running. The man pressed the starting pistol.  I was hungry. There were flags too. I was nervous because I didn’t know the other schools were coming and I didn’t know them. The lady was holding the sand rake. I was tired. In the middle there was a big oval. Then the lady spoke in the loud speaker. Finally it was going home time. Everybody was so tired in the bus.


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