Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Exciting Event at Mt Smart - Teanoano

An Exciting Event at Mt Smart Stadium

On a Tuesday foggy morning Room 4 and 5 went to Mt Smart Stadium. It was a mini Olympic games. Room 4 and 5 followed the helpers and teachers. I was happy. Our group of four’s went to the long jump. The lady had a sand rake and pushed the sand. Secondly the whole team saw the oval. I was excited because Anna-Lisa’s mum was in group 2. When the lady said ‘change’ she called it out on the loud speaker. At football group two got six goals, I was happy, nervous and hungry. The whole school saw the flags. Anthony was excited to see the Japanese flag. Last of all my favourite part was sleeping.



  1. So proud of you Teano' keep striving for success in everything you do, your attitude towards life in general is amazing, hope you keep it up, this gracious aptitude of yours.

  2. I am proud of you Teano.