Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Going to Mt Smart Stadium - Viane

Going to Mt Smart Stadium

On Tuesday morning Room 4 and Room 5 went to Mt Smart Stadium. I felt nervous when I first saw Mt Smart Stadium. I was very happy. We went with the helpers. First of all we went to football. It was cool because we won all of our games. After that we went to the long jump. It was covered in sand and I was laughing when I fell down. The shot put ball was heavy. I got a goal and the others got jealous. I was the goal keeper. After that we went running. I came second. My favourite part was when I was doing the long jump. I was very hungry when we came back from Mt Smart. It was foggy when we came back from Mt Smart. I was very tired. I liked the shot put because I had beaten Kalaine. We won all of our games. I slipped on the track



  1. I hope that you won all your sport that you have done at Mt smart Stadium.And also I like about your story because it makes sentence.

  2. I like the picture you have chosen. I like the way you managed to get a goal. Well done for winning all of your games. I bet you had fun at Mt Smart Stadium.

    Teanoano, Malia, Courtney, Mikaela