Friday, August 31, 2012

Saint Puis X

Saint Pius was born on 1835. 
Altar boy. He was the holy boy.
In Padua, Bepi was sad to leave his family.
Now he was a priest when he was 23.
To school he wore bare feet.

Pope Pius loved Mass so much.
In 1903 Bepi's new name was Pope Pius X.
Uusually adults only take Holy Communion.
Some of the children called him Bepi and Guiseppe Sarto.
X is the number 10. Saint Pius the tenth.

By Kalisi


  1. Nice work. That clever how you put saint at the side and did some information. next time make the words large. :)

  2. Nice work it is great! that was clever when you put the saint at the side and then put it into information. Next time make the words larger. :)

  3. great work Kalisi I really like this but next to try to be Pacific

  4. Lovely poem, Kalisi. You have shown you know quite a lot about St Pius X.

  5. Kalisi nice story. I like your highlights.